The Zine

The “Tid-Bits” Zine is an annual print and digital zine collaboration made by a global community of artists, centering around a different theme each year. The theme for 2022 is music. The zine will be released online and, for the first time, in print during Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) 2022, a comic festival hosted in Columbus, OH celebrating all things comics.

The Charity

We, the artists, volunteered our time and talent to create “Tid-Bits” (read: we ain’t making bank off of this project). Rather than keep the digital dollar bills to ourselves, we decided that we would donate all the earnings to a music-focused charity. We chose Sam’s Fans which is located in Columbus, OH.

Sam’s Fans is a charity focused on music and art therapy for children with severe illnesses, and they are involved in every Ohio children’s hospital. The charity gets its name from Samantha Jane McCarthy, the late eldest child of the charity’s founder Nikki McCarthy. Music and art therapy were two of the activities that lifted Sam’s spirits the most as she was battling her illness. Unfortunately, Sam lost her battle on October 15, 2009, but this did not stop the McCarthy family from continuing to honor her life by making sure other children in similar situations have access to these joyful activities. 

The Artists

So, who are all these crazy, music- and comic-obsessed people, anyway? We are a community of artists from all over the world, most of whom originally met online at CXC 2020 and created a Discord server called “Comics Comics Comics!”—and yes, we welcome new artists to our community all the time!

Suzanne Rhee

Suzanne Rhee is a writer and artist from Indiana. When she’s not making comics, you can find her painting public walls, walking her dog, powerlifting, and/or eating chocolate.


Lexi Ramos

Lexi Ramos is a Columbus, Ohio based comics artist that loves making humorous adventure comics. Lexi’s current project is working on a webcomic called “The City Under Saturn”. When
she is not making comics you can find her trying to put tiny hats on cats.


Brandon L. Hankins

Brandon Hankins is a cartoonist and ink/brush enthusiast from Michigan. Music is one of his biggest sources of inspiration (especially from video games and movies) and often can’t work without it.


Axe Marnie

Axe Marnie is a nonbinary comic artist living in Scotland, drawing comics about cats and petting cats who step on comics.


Dante Lumsden

Dante Lumsden is a comic artist specializing in horror stories. In his free time, he works on building a publishing and printing company, Crow and Toad, with Kelly Wang of REESO Press. Besides this, they are currently crafting several new monsters in their tiny basement laboratory in the Middle Of Nowhere.


Rodrigo Vargas

Rodrigo Vargas is a comic writer and artist based in Chile. He’s 50% of Walkingtodo.com and 100% the guy that won’t shut up about the last comic he read. Beware of his bad jokes.


Teddie Bernard

Teddie Bernard loves making comics in the present about the past. They were inspired by Beverly Shaw, a lesbian singer mainly active in the 1950s and 1960s, when making their comic for “Tid-Bits”. They’re currently based in Chicago, where they’re wishing for colder weather.

Visit Teddie’s Website

Coni Yovaniniz

Coni Yovaniniz is a comic artist and science communicator based in Santiago, Chile. Her favorite TMBG album is Apollo 18, or maybe Flood? Join Us is also great??


Britt Monday

Britt Monday is a comics artist and freelancer in Michigan, US. Caramelledansen is the only viral internet dance she can successfully do, though that doesn’t stop her from flossing in the kitchen. 


Aimee Pong profile icon

Aimee Pong

Aimee Pong is a designer and slice-of-life cartoonist from Missouri. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post and The New Yorker. Her newest project, “Are you the girl from the Olympics?” is a graphic memoir about learning to figure skate as a 30-something-year-old.


Kelly Wang

Kelly Wang (草千 caochian) is a Taiwanese American cartoonist who loves comics, printmaking, and music. She is currently based in Chicago studying at SAIC, running REESO press, trying to make music, and going to various shows to headbang her head off.


Charlie Nurkkala

Charlie Nurkkala is a web developer by day and an artist, well, all the time. Charlie has been with the “Comics Comics Comics!” Discord group since 2020. Charlie is responsible for updating the zine’s website and is excited to share the amazing work of an incredible community with the world.


Jerzy Drozd

Jerzy Drozd designed the cover of this zine. For more of his work, visit jdrozd.com or follow him on Twitter @jerzy. His newest comic, Baron von Bear and the Case of the Two-Faced Statue, is coming in 2023 from Iron Circus Comics.

The artists would like to thank Mario A. González, Aaron Polk and Candy for their support of the “Comics Comics Comics!” community.