The Zine

The “Tid-Bits” Zine is a short, digital comic book collaboration made by a global community of artists, centering around the theme of food and its impact in our lives. Ranging from deep, familial connections and grief to humorous yet terrifying guavas and shrimp, “Tid-Bits” has stories for every appetite. The zine was created to be released during Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) 2021, a comic festival hosted in Columbus, OH celebrating all things comics.

The Charity

We, the artists, volunteered our time and talent to create “Tid-Bits” (read: we ain’t making bank off of this project). Rather than keep the digital dollar bills to ourselves, we decided that we would donate all the earnings to a food-focused charity. We chose the Neighborhood Services Inc (NSI) Food Pantry which is located in central Ohio.

The NSI Food Pantry is “dedicated to serving the community kindly, respectfully and equitably” through providing food and other resources to locals who need them most. Since we love food and comics, we thought there would be no better way to pass along this love than to give everything “Tid-Bits” earns to those who are hungry.

The Artists

So, who are all these ridiculous, food- and comic-obsessed people, anyway? We are a community of artists from all over the world, most of whom originally met online at CXC 2020 and created a Discord server called “Comics! Comics! Comics!”—and yes, new artists join our community all the time!

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